The learning never stops!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s seminars at Internet World, I’ve just booked a place on tonight’s ‘Learn How to Develop your Social Media Strategy in 10 Steps’ webinar with Warren Knight.

I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn for personal and professional reasons, and I’d like to know better ways to use them for greater professional benefit. I visit YouTube, but only to watch videos of cats and people falling over (doesn’t everyone?!). And I haven’t yet made acquaintance with Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and many others. So, lots to learn.

I attended one of Warren’s seminars at the Digital Marketing Show last year and he was very good – engaging, inspiring and informative. Looking forward to more great insights tonight!

Bad – had to cancel attending this webinar. Good – because friends get engaged so we went out :)
Looking out for the next one, and reading Warren Knight‘s Social Media 7 Day eCourse in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “The learning never stops!

    • Sadly (but kinda brilliantly) I had to cancel – friends got engaged so we went out that evening :) I’ve signed up for Warren’s Social Media 7 Day eCourse so hopefully that will help, and I’ll keep an eye out for the webinar running again.

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